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Metaplastic Breast Cancer Presenting as a Breast Abscess

Metaplastic breast cancer is a rare subtype of invasive breast cancer that tends to have an aggressive clinical presentation as well as a variety of distinct histologic designations. Few systemic treatment options are available for MBC, as it has consistently shown a suboptimal response to standard chemotherapy regimens. These characteristics result in a worse overall prognosis for patients with Metaplastic breast cancer compared to those with standard invasive breast cancer. Due to its rarity, data focusing on Metaplastic breast cancer is limited. This review will discuss the clinical presentation, breast imaging findings, histologic and molecular characteristics of MBC as well as potential future research directions.


Olfa Slimani, Sarah Saoudi, Tahar Makhlouf, Riadh Ben Tmim, Nabil Mathlouthi and Leila Attia

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