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Endocrine Therapy Mediated Breast Cancer

Endocrine therapy is the l first-line therapy for patients with hormone metastatic breast cancer. Although, resistance of endocrineare frequently occurs during the course of the treatment. Cellular pathways involved in expansion are new drugs that combat the development of resistance. Cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) are a subgroup of serine/ threonine kinases that play a key role in regulating cell cycle progression. The currently approved and under investigation CDK inhibitors, also to the preclinical data is explained in this short communication.It is for the advantage of the treatment of HR+ breast cancer. As the efficiency and toxicity profile, with the exception of patients with advanced visceral disease, most patients will receive endocrine therapies (ET) in the treatment of HR+MBC. Unfortunately, not all patients respond to first-line ET due to intrinsic resistance, while others may initially respond but eventually progress with secondary acquired resistance leading to disease progression and endocrine resistance. Mechanisms of resistance to antiestrogen therapy include among others, estrogen receptor (ER) loss over time in the tumor which occurs in about 20% of patients treated with ET.


Steven M Nguyen

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