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Cancer Economics: Global Economy, Intervention and Implications in Cancer Control in South East Asian Countries

The landscape analysis of global economy and its regional impact pertaining to the non-communicable disease containment is very important for framing an evidence based interventions. The global economy and its impact on the access to essential medicines, among the vulnerable communities in the country’s worst hit by the poor governance are worth recognizing in the early phase of disease interventions. Most of the times the governments and governance mechanism fails to recognize the disease burden pertaining to the non-communicable diseases. Fragile governments and political prioritization, in the countries with the poor economies poses enumerable challenges in addressing the issues pertaining to the provision of the universal health coverage. The health sector alone in the countries, hit by the crisis in all the fronts may not be promising and capable of achieving the health related targets and bringing the reforms in service delivery, but needs an integration with the non-health sectors and should reinforce with the institution of good governance mechanism.


Nanjireddypally Ramakrishnappa Somasekhara, Shankar V, Rushi Kumar Panchal

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