The Impact of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Recurrent Desmoid Tumor of Neck: A Case Report with Literature Review

Background: Extra-abdominal desmoid tumor of the head and neck in particular commonly infiltrate vital neurovascular structures. we report a case of a large and recurrent extra-abdominal desmoid tumor causing significant morbidity and who was treated successfully by radiotherapy.

Case presentation: A 34-year-old male patient presented with a history of right neck mass for 15 months, which was gradually increasing in size. Cervical CT scan revealed a large mass of the posterior soft tissues of the neck extended to the soft tissues of the posterior thoracic wall. The CT density of the mass was that of fat tissue. It was measuring 12.4 × 85.9 mm and enhanced after injection of the contrast product. A biopsy was taken. The histopathological findings were suggestive of desmoid tumor.

Discussion: This case was discussed in multidisciplinary oncological team and radiotherapy was planned. The surgery was proposed but not performed due to the recurring character of the tumor and the risk of a high postoperative morbidity. After 4 weeks of treatment, the clinical evaluation showed a good response.

Conclusion: Alternative treatment modalities such as primary radiotherapy may be preferable to mutilating surgery.


Sarah El-Abbassi , Yassine Echchikhi, Asmae Touil, Hanan El-Kacemi and Noureddine Benjaafar

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